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Running application just with X11

I have ubuntu core on my system without any UI just the bare bone minimum ubuntu core. I want the system to run some qt application nothing else.

There was two ways to it either I can take the Ubuntu mate and remove useless stuff and make my process run at startup with auto-login or to use bare bone ubuntu core and then just add the things needed to run my application.

Actually I would not have needed anything else for qt application and just used –platform linuxfb flag to run the Qt app with gun on the frame buffer. I actually did that but the problem was frame buffer approach was too slow I can actually see the screen restoring from top to bottom and for my application there was some times where screen was updated quite frequently. So I needed some other windowing system library like Wayland or X11 to handle the slow Frame buffer approach.

I chose X11 first and with some hiccups I made it work woohoo!!

You just need to install xorg and then use startx. I have put this in startup script inside /etc/init.d I will cover application starting at boot up in some other post.

apt-get install  libqt5declarative5  
# for my qt application this will install qt5-default and other qt related dependencies

It was quite a great learning and good experience to make everything work. Now the ubuntu core boots with my splash and starts all three of my qt apps with Gui and works well. It is very fast and no extra processes consuming my processor or hogging the system’s RAM. No window manager no session manager no desktop manager.

You can start any application simply by

startx application_name