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OrangePi Power button

on orangepi it works as below

orangepi@orangepi:/dev/input$ sudo cat event1
orangepi@orangepi:/sys/devices/virtual/input/input1$ cat uevent
KEY=100000 0 0 0

Disable driver signature enforcement in Windows

Not sure why it is not working now .. bcedit should disable it permanently

bcdedit /set testsigning on

Taking screenshot on just vanilla X11 system


scrot 1.png


Can’t open X display. It *is* running, yeah?

mine was

startx ./application — :0 vt8 &

So it was not coming

Then I started with simple

startx ./application
and scrot worked as a charm

I didn’t find a way to specify display and virtual terminal in scrot that is why it didn’t work out in the first try. I didn’t experiment a lot on this.



Another way is by using xwd command


xwd -root -display :0 > good_image.xwd

Then you need to convert xwd image to png or jpeg

OS in sdcard boots but file system is read-only

The problem occurs sometime when image get corrupted. I think only inode structure become incorrect.

If the reason is only this you can easily correct it via

After copying the image to sdcard you will need to correct the file checksum which somehow is failing and results in root partition mounted as read-only mode.
Use any linux machine and run below command
sudo fsck -y /dev/sdb2

where /dev/sdb2 is the linux partition